GYPSY by Sibella Court: on sale NEXT WEEK

Renowned interior designer and stylist Sibella Court takes readers to some of her favorite destinations around the world and reveals her coveted approach for creating fabulous color palettes for every room in the home.



A World of Colour & Interiors

Sibella Court

  • Hardcover
  • ISBN: 9780062318336 $45

A true gypsy at heart, Sibella Court is known for her unique, Bohemian style and interiors. Her eclectic vision has made her one of the most sought after designers today, and her impressive array of clientele includes large retailers such as Bloomingdales, Pottery Barn, and West Elm, as well as styling sets for magazines such as Vogue.

In her newest book, Gypsy, Sibella takes readers on a journey to some of her favorite places and describes how each one has inspired her when designing a space.

Sibella has only one rule: seek out beauty and meaning in everything, then embrace it and display it. A passionate collector, Sibella shows readers some of her favorite countries to visit and the objects or places in each that speak to her aesthetically: from churches, favorite suppliers, table settings, to colors, animals, and aromas. Discover how to create color palettes from what you have around you, and the power of scents and objects to transport you back to places you’ve been or want to go. Readers will learn how to take pieces they’ve either bought or seen on their travels and use them to create spaces that are full of color, texture, imagination, and meaning.

In this deluxe, cloth-covered interior style guide, Sibella provides creative advice on how to create practical and stunning interiors layered with memories. Photography throughout is by Sibella’s brother Chris, a renowned food and interior design photographer in his own right. The book will feature an introduction by Sibella, five chapters focusing on five locations-Galapagos & Ecuador, Indochine, Turkey, Scotland, and Transylvania-and an insider’s reference guide to from Sibella for each of these locations, including places to eat and drink, books, museums, flea markets, artists, and shops.


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