Final Jacket: Ships, Clocks, and Stars

In the eighteenth century, the problem of determining a ship’s longitude (east-west position) was the thorniest scientific dilemma, and had been for centuries. This gorgeous, richly illustrated tome visually chronicles the stories of the astronomers, instrument makers, politicians and seamen who worked to solve the problem of longitude.


For seafarers, precise navigation ensures safety, increases speed and efficiency, and allows for a successful voyage. This lavishly illustrated book reveals how the determination of longitude at sea became feasible, and of how global positions could be agreed and the world known with greater clarity.

Written in a riveting and accessible manner, Ships, Clocks and Stars features more than 150 photographs specially commissioned from Britain’s National Maritime Museum. The publication of the book will accompany an exhibition that will open at the museum in June 2014 (to coincide with the tercentenary of the first Longitude Act) and which will tour overseas in 2015–16.


Ships, Clocks and Stars

The Quest for Longitude

Richard Dunn

  • Hardcover
  • ISBN: 9780062353566 $75
  • 4-color throughout
  • on sale 11/4/2014

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