All Promotions are available to specialty retailers. Only one promo can be applied per order. Please note – we are not able to accommodate any extensions.

Summer Gift Show Promo

  • +5% discount on orders 30+ assorted units, free freight
  • Limited to 3 orders within period
  • Promo window: 6/1/2021-9/15/2021
  • Promo Code: A76111

Adult Books Free Freight Offer

  • Free Freight
  • Minimum order: 5 assorted Adult Books
  • All orders non-returnable and cannot be combined with any other promotional offers
  • End Date: 12/31/21
  • Promotion Code:  A79111

Children’s Value Promotion 2021

  • 62% discount on qualifying children’s books/programs
  • order 15 books, max order 500 books
  • Can be used 2 times in period, no future ship-dates allowed
  • Promotion window: 7/1/2021- 6/15/2022
  • Promotion Code: S21SUM
  • S21 Value Promotions Rep Grid for qualifying titles

Author Event Promotion

  • Please use this for  author event orders. It will automatically provide a 45% discount. Returns allowed.
  • Promotion Code: SMEV45

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